Our Company

Add Cor is a pioneer Brazilian company for developing new or adapting existing technologies for the paint finishing industry.

We engineer and build complete paint finishing , ultrafiltration equipments , separation equipments and many other systems in general, besides the most varied industrial projects.

Another branch of our company is specialized in moving equipments from one plant to another, even in different countries.

Add Cor Engenharia Ltda started in Argentina in 1982 and in Brazil in 1987, and since then has developed and delivered more than 65 paint-finishing / ultrafiltration / dialysis systems.

Our résumé includes the engineering and erection of the e-coat, pre-treatment or complete paint finishing systems for OTIS ELEVATORS, DREAN, LONGVIE, ACEROS JONHSON, Metalurgica Nakayone, AETHRA INDUSTRIA DE AUTOPECAS, GETOFLEX METZELER (Dunlop), PROMETAL, MAGIUS, ULIANA, CONFORMETAL, BUNDY, TRW, along with many others. We also furnished e-coat paint tests system for FIAT AUTOMOVEIS, BASF, LUXFORDE (DuPont), and PPG.

We also provided engineering, ovens, pre-treatment, washer machines and paint booths for the most varied customers such as METALURGICA CENTRAL, COPESP (Research Center for Nuclear Energy of the Brazilian Navy), Bruning Tecnometal , Gibbs Die Casting, Kloeckner Möeler, CBE, Alfa Laval among others.

Supported by such experience, we can assure you that we can give your company the best opportunity, for making a cost effective paint finishing and ultrafiltration system, or bring you the best market opportunities in the South American market.

We can offer you our technical assistance capabilities, making the difference for your product, for your needs.

We are a company with large experience in paint finishing systems, pre-treatment, e-coat, autophoretic, besides painting booths for powder or liquid.

We also have a good knowledge of the market and a good relationship with the main product suppliers, like HENKEL, PPG, RENNER-DU PONT, BASF, VALSPAR.

Our Mission

Add Cor started in Brazil in 1987 and its mission has always been to offer to our customers the best value for the service or supplied product.

Profile of the Company

Our customers receive the best cost - benefit relationship in everything we supply, as well as best delivery time and quality. We have worked in partnership with our customers, developing projects absolutely adapted to our partners' technical and financial needs.

We are a company composed by mechanical, electronic engineers, administrators, designers and planners, where everybody participates in an active way of the objective end of always supplying the best to our customers.

We have executed several kinds of engineering service, from complex developments (as complete electro-coating painting) or partially performing basic engineering tasks for other companies, like drawings or basic design.

We develop quality and innovation, having accomplished projects in a lot of areas, including ultrafiltration, for the food industry (Dairy, Soy), as well as for technical applications (alkaline cleaner recovery, permeate generation for e-coat systems) or valuable waste water treatment (recovery of PVA and indigo).

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